4 Reasons to Buy Stephanie’s Hand-Poured Candles

4 Reasons to Buy Stephanie’s Hand-Poured Candles

What image do candles paint in your mind? Aside from candles providing us with light, they also create an aromatic and soothing fragrance capable of instantly cheering you up and leaving you happy.

Among the types of candles that exist, hand-poured candles stand out from the rest, and we at Stephanie's Scents know that you need the finest option when it comes to candles. Our candles have the best scents made up of ingredients you will appreciate, regardless of when you decide to use them, be it meeting a friend or loved one or lifting the mood of your office party. Below are a few reasons why you should get your hand-poured candles from Stephanie's Scents.

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They Are More Eco-Friendly

One advantage of getting your hand-poured candles from us is that they are more eco-friendly, clean-burning, renewable, and use biodegradable wax. Toxic elements such as phthalate, carbon dioxide, or other dangerous chemicals are not released when you burn our candles. At Stephanie's Scents, we utilize renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources. Additionally, a reduced amount of soot is released from hand-poured candles than paraffin candles. The soot also does not accumulate on the walls of your home or other surfaces. Interested in one of our hand-poured candles? We offer an array of scented candles that burn longer and have great fragrances.

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They Are Just Three Ingredients

At Stephanie’s Scents, we only use three ingredients in our candles. The three ingredients used are soy wax, premium fragrances, and cotton wicks. Usually, candles are manufactured from paraffin wax that comes from petroleum oil. This ingredient emits harmful by-products when it burns or melts. Though paraffin is affordable, it deposits large amounts of soot on ceilings and walls. Additionally, its fumes can cause severe negative effects on the respiratory system and eyes.

On the other hand, soy wax is healthy, eco-friendly, scented, and ideal for hand-poured candles. It burns slowly, resulting in less smoke and soot, enabling you to enjoy the candle fragrance longer. Furthermore, since soy burns cleanly, it has more potent and more pure scents.

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They Contain No Dangerous Chemicals

The majority of the mass-produced candles use petroleum by-products in their manufacturing process with dangerous chemicals such as phthalates to extend the fragrance oils’ scent. These chemicals emit carcinogenic compounds, such as toluene, benzene, acrolein, and formaldehyde into the atmosphere when burned. The toxic emission may result in serious health issues, including mutagenic effects on inhalation.

However, at Stephanie’s Scents, when we make our candles, we avoid using dangerous chemicals that could potentially cause harm. Instead, we strive to use ingredients that are both eco-friendly and smell great.

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It Supports a Small Business

When you buy hand-poured candles from Stephanie’s Scents, you not only purchase a candle that can fill your home with a wonderful scent, but you also support a small business. In addition to providing our customers with high-quality candles, we also strive to always put our customers first and provide great customer service so that you’re enticed to come back again and again and help our business grow.

The hand-poured candles at Stephanie's Scents are perfect for all occasions, whether you’re setting a mood or just relaxing at home. The toxic-free fragrance and aroma of our candles pull the right strings for your mood every time you light them, giving you peace of mind that you aren’t harming the environment and you’re helping a small business at the same time. Ready to start shopping? Explore our store to find your favorite new scents now!

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