Freshly lit Candle burning on table

Our Services

Stephanie’s Scents LLC offers hand-poured soy candles, gift baskets, season collections, and customized candles for your enjoyment. We take the scent of your favorite beach and work with you to create a smell that transports you to a place in time, exclusively named with your location or memory. We got our start making body whips and scrubs, and have grown into a business made for gift-givers and candle lovers.

Our best-selling candle, “Saturday Morning Cartoon", uses Fruity Pebbles wax flakes in the candle to give it a wonderfully nostalgic scent. Stephanie’s Scents offers customizations, which are candles that come in reusable, environmentally friendly containers that have natural wicks, and are poured and labeled by hand. The candle-making process itself requires melting 100% Soy wax to 185 degrees, letting it cool, and pouring it into our reusable jars.

Give the gift that says (and smells!) it all to the stay-at-home moms, candle lovers, and memory makers in your life. Get in touch with Stephanie’s Scents for a custom candle, gift basket, or exclusive scent today!