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It's that time of year when we're all scrambling for the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones. The following four holiday scents are our most popular; these soy candles make a great gift for anyone on your nice list! During a time when many people are spending more time than ever at home and needing a little extra cheer, our holiday scents will bring ambiance, joy and festivity to any environment.

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Shoppers anticipate Black Friday every year, especially for the shopping frenzy it inspires. It's good news to know that the black Friday offers are here, and Stephanie's Scents has it all for you. We have prepared an assortment of the best-handcrafted fragrances in candle waxes and other shopping sales that you'll just love. Here are the must-have products for your shopping list this Black Friday!

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Which Scented Candles Should You Get For Fall?

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What image do candles paint in your mind? Aside from candles providing us with light, they also create an aromatic and soothing fragrance capable of instantly cheering you up and leaving you happy.

Among the types of candles that exist, hand-poured candles stand out from the rest, and we at Stephanie's Scents know that you need the finest option when it comes to candles. Our candles have the best scents made up of ingredients you will...